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No Pull Dog Harness Reviews – Comparing PetSafe No-Pull Harness Options

Not all dogs are easy to train to walk on a leash.  Some dogs just don’t understand that it is YOU who should be walking THEM, not the other way around.  If you are like many dog owners out there including ourselves, you are here because your dog drags you around the walking paths rather than politely trotting along beside you with a loose lead.

THERE ARE OPTIONS OUT THERE TO HELP US!  You are not alone, my friends.  Here we are going to take a look at the Petsafe No-Pull Dog Harness options, and compare to see what the differences are between each product and the benefits of using them as well.

PetSafe 3 in 1 HarnessPetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness in Packaging

It is Great for Training.  Because it has a frontal D ring located on the chest of your dog, it is great for immediately putting an end to excessive pulling.  I can personally attest to this since this is the exact product we use on our dog.  You can use the front ring to train your dog how to properly walk on a leash if they pull excessively, and then switch to the back ring once your dog is more comfortable with walking with a looser lead.

No Pull Also Means No Choking.  We used to use the Kong comfort harness, and still found that even though most of the pressure from pulling would be spread out along the body, our dog still pulled so much she would choke herself, and that I did not like at all.  For some that don’t use a harness at all, and just hook to the collar, I STRONGLY SUGGEST using a harness no matter how well your dog walks.  In the event of an emergency and you need to yank your dog out of danger or there’s just something they really need to sniff, your puppy doesn’t get choked at all.

It is Made From Durable Fabric.  The materials that make up the PetSafe 3 in 1 No-Pull Dog Harness are very strong a durable fabric.  It will not tear with any pull from your dog, unless your dog is a horse.  The bonus of using the chest ring is that you won’t really get much pull from your dog, because as soon as they start pulling it just turns the dog around to face you.PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness Material Closeup

PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness PhotoDo You Like to Run With Your Dog?  The back ring of this harness is perfect if you like to take your dog for a run.  I would also suggest you take a look at getting a hands free jogging leash.

It is Easy For Your Dog To Get Used To.  If your dog has been wearing a harness often, this one requires little to no time for your dog to adjust to.  It is relatively comfortable for your dog, making training easy and fun for everyone involved.PetSafe 3 in 1 measurement instructions chart

Sizing and Weight Don’t Always Matchup.  There are only 4 size options, which is not a lot when you start to consider all the different sizes and shapes dogs can come it.  One of our biggest challenges when using this harness is the weight vs. girth measurements.  Our dog is VERY strong, and she weighs a lot, but she is very lean.

So the first thing we found is the chest girth fits fine, we do have it almost as tight as it will go, but there is room to go tighter if we need.  Where we run into problems is the strap that goes in front of the shoulders (the neck strap) is very loose around her, and we can’t get it any tighter.  The same goes for the chest strap where the D ring is.  We can’t get it to go any tighter than it already is.  This can cause the harness to pull very far off her body when she begins to reach the end of our leash. (See Pictures Below)

So basically, weight-wise our dog is on the low end of large, fluctuating between 82-86 lbs depending on the season.  However her girth measurements suggest using a medium.  If this were a comfort issue, I would consider using the medium, problem is the fabric isn’t anywhere near as wide on the medium, so it begs the question of durability.  However, being a NO-PULL harness, that shouldn’t be an issue anyway.  We still choose to go with the larger size because of how powerful our dog can be, and on the off chance she does try to take off or we need to give her an emergency yank, I don’t wan’t to chance durability.

They also offer a toll free number you can call if you have any issues or questions regarding sizing.  We chose to opt-out of this and just go with the large size even with those minor issues with it.  All in all, even though it isn’t fully snug on her, it’s functionality hasn’t been lost at all, she doesn’t seem uncomfortable in it whatsoever, and really we haven’t had ANY issues all together.PetSafe 3 in 1 no pull dog harness loose chest strap on dog
Here is the chest strap.  Notice it is as tight as it can be set at, as there is  a loop underneath my middle finger.  See how far it pulls off her chest here.

PetSafe 3 in 1 no pull dog harness chest strap on dogHere her chest strap is nice and snug but NOT TOO TIGHT, and there is some room to further tighten it.

PetSafe 3 in 1 no pull dog harness neck strap on dog looseThis is how loose the neck strap is.  We are unable to adjust the tightness any further.

PetSafe 3 in 1 no pull dog harness on dog with leash pulling looseI am not able to pull as hard as she normally does in the field but this is just a sample of how far off her chest it comes.

PetSafe 3 in 1 no pull dog harness on dog with leash loose pullLastly, this is how it pulls from the front when she is facing away from me as in on a normal walk.  The whole harness does rotate around on her and it has a lot to do with us being unable to properly adjust it to her lean size.  Nevertheless, we chose to go with the thick, heavier duty for her weight solely because of her power rather than going down to the medium size which significantly reduces the thickness and durability of the harness.

Able to Use With Short Nose Breeds.  Any dogs with very short noses, such as pugs or shih-tzus, are referred to as Bracycephalic.  If you are having issues with the amount your dog is pulling, you will not be able to use a Headcollar with them, as there isn’t really a nose for the harness to go on.  That is one feature that makes the PetSafe 3 in 1 No-Pull Dog Harness stand out among the other PetSafe No-Pull Dog Harness options available.

The PetSafe 3 in 1 No-Pull Dog Harness Comes With a Seatbelt Attachment For Maximum Safety.  If you’re anything like many of dog owners out there, your dog probably comes ALMOST everywhere you go.  Which means a lot of car rides.  The 3 in 1 Harness comes with an additional attachement for easy use with a seatbelt in your car to make sure your puppy stays as safe as your family whether you’re driving around town, or on a long, relaxing road trip.

Available in 3 Different Colours to Match Your Dog’s Tastes.  If you enjoy dressing up your dog, or colours matter, the PetSafe 3 in 1 No-Pull Dog Harness comes in 3 available colours: Black, Teal, and Plum.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness packagingAnother Great Option For Training.  Some dogs never learn that the less you pull, the less you get choked by your collar; or they may never learn that you just shouldn’t pull.  In those cases, this will be the only harness you will need.  If it doesn’t look like there is a future in having many quality walks with your dog without being pulled for a ride, then you will just want to stick with this harness as your Go-To, and never have to worry about your dog pulling themself and choking constantly.

Simpler and Easier to Use Design.  As compared to it’s counterpart, the 3 in 1, the Easy Walk Harness has less features and a simpler build, for the sole purpose of using it as a training aid, or everyday harness for the extremely zealous walker.

Just as Durable as All of PetSafe’s Harness Options.  Being manufactured by PetSafe, you can expect the Easy Walk Harness to be just as durable as any of their other dog walking solutions.  The thickness and width of the harness fabric will differe based on the size you choose, so be sure to consult the sizing chart in order to ensure you get the proper size for your dog.

A Variety of Sizes to Fit Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes.  It’s a known fact, and I’ve stated it a little earlier, that all dogs come in various shapes and sizes.  With seven different sizing options, you can be sure your dog will get a harness that will fit comfortable, and have durability to match the capabilities of a dog of that size.  There is also a toll free customer care line if you have any questions or issues regarding sizing and other general inquiries.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness size chart with measurements


Not Meant for Jogging.  If you like to jog with your dog as exercise, I do not recommend this product for you.  Because it only hooks on at the front of the harness, sometimes the leash can get caught underneath your dogs front legs, and because if you’re jogging you probably are paying much less attention to your dog than you normally would on a regular walk.

Also Just As Easy for Your Dog to Get Used To.  Much like the 3 in 1 Harness, the Easy Walk Harness does not take long for your dog to get used to, especially if you have a history of using other harnesses in the past.  The simple design really only goes the chest of your dog and then underneath the front legs, so there isn’t a ton of contact everywhere, and isn’t a whole lot extra to get used to vs. just a collar.

Also Practical for Short Nosed Breeds.  Much as I mentioned with the PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness, the Easy Walk Harness doesn’t have to strap on around your dog’s face, and therefore it is able to be used with Brachycephalic breeds.

Comes in 3 Great Colours for Variety.  Depending on whether you want to match your colours or not, the PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness comes in 3 colours: Black, Red, and Raspberry Pink.

PetSafe Easy walk no pull dog harness

PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Headcollar

PetSafe Easy Walk No Pull Gentle Leader headcollar packaging

Maximum Control Design.  Because of the way the design is meant to fit around your dog’s head, this harness option gives you Maximum Control over how and where your dog walks.  You will find this harness is a solution to any issues of PULLING, LUNGING, and JUMPING.  This can go a long way to teaching your dog proper manners and how to properly walk on a loose-lead (loose-leash).

Gentle Material and Smart Design is Soft on Your Dog and Won’t Fall Off.  The neck strap is designed to snap around the back of your dog’s neck, which means any pulling done (which would be very little) puts the pressure on the back of your dog’s neck rather than the front, which also means no choking or gagging.  Because of this, there is no need for safety straps, or any double leashing to ensure it stays on.

Provides Full Muzzle Movement for Your Dog.  The design of the PetSafe Easy Walk Gentle Leader Headcollar allows your dog full rmovement range of his or her mouth.  This in no way impedes your puppy’s ability to eat, drink, bite, bark, or chew anything.  It is solely designed to provide you with control.

Available in 3 Different Sizes to Fit Almost Any Dog.  Because we are only talking about strapping around your dog’s head, there is not any need for a bunch of different size variations.  There is a Small, Medium and Large option, based on your dog’s muzzle and head size.

Convertible Into a Standard Collar.  The PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Headcollar can also convert into a standard collar for normal wear around the house.  This is great as it allows a quick and seamless transition into “Let’s Go For a Walk” from “Just Hanging Around the House”.

PetSafe Easy Walk No Pull Gentle Leader Headcollar

Not Useable With Brachycephalic Breeds.  The PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar is meant to fit around not just your dog’s head but also their muzzle (snout), which means dogs with flat faces or very short noses are not able to use this product, as it simply won’t go on their face.PetSafe Easy Walk no pull gentle leader headcollar deluxe package with training guide

Comes in a Deluxe Package Offer As Well.  If you have been struggling to get your dog to walk properly on a harness, or are just starting out, I strongly recommend considering getting the PetSafe Easy Walk Gentle Leader No-Pull Headcollar Deluxe Package because it comes with everything you need to get started on teaching you how to train your dog to walk using the Headcollar.  Included is a fully inclusive DVD training guide that will show you the proper techniques to make the whole training process as easy as possible on both you and your dog.



Easy Walk Harness

3-in-1 Harness

Easy Walk Headcollar

Extra Small $24.95 $38.37 N/A
Small $24.95 $38.37 $19.95
Small-Medium $27.85 N/A N/A
Medium $27.85 $38.37 $39.99
Medium-Large $27.85 N/A N/A
Large $27.78 $38.37 $19.95
Extra Large $26.97 N/A N/A
Deluxe N/A N/A $83.97

As you can see here, the prices are relatively competitive between the different harness options.  I am not entire sure why the medium registers as $20 higher for the Headcollar, but I am certain it is just an error.


To see the detailed warranty, I suggest directly consulting the PetSafe Website.  Here I will give a brief overview of the warranty details for PetSafe Products.

For starters, they offer a standard One-Year NON-TRANSFERRABLE Limited Warranty.  This means that if the product breaks within the first year, you aren’t neccessarily entitles to a replacement or repair or whatever.  Instead it means that if the product breaks because of a DEFECT or ERROR in PetSafe’s manufacturing, they will refurbish or replace your harness, AS LONG AS THE PRODUCT HAS BEEN USED PROPERLY AS PER THEIR RECOMMENDATIONS.  It may very well be considered improper product use if you are not using the appropriate size for your dog.

petsafe gentle leader no pull headcollar on dog on leash going for walk

On the PetSafe Website is a list of things that are NOT COVERED under this warranty.  I suggest you look into that as well.

The Warranty is NON-TRANSFERRABLE, which means that if you sell the product, it is not covered for the other person unless they are able to provide a proof of purchase.

The Petsafe Website also has valuable information regarding how to make a warranty claim, and what laws govern their warranty.

Overall Ratings

PetSafe 3 in 1 No-Pull Dog Harness8.5/10.PetSafe 3 in 1 no pull dog harness on dog

I have a unique perspective on this product because it is what I use.  What I do have to say about it is we are of the philosophy that training is never complete.  This product aligns perfectly with that philosophy in that we have used the front clasp to train our dog how to properly walk on a leash without constantly pulling, and it allows us to graduate to using the back ring if need be.  Sizing problems aside, it has everything we could ask for as far as a harness goes for training our dog.

PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness: 8/10

This is a great product if you feel your dog will never learn past the pulling phase.  The price is certainly right, there are plenty of sizing options, and it will teach your dog that YOU are taking THEM for a walk, not the other way around.  It’s lack of additional functionality just leaves the harness for use with a single purpose.

PetSafe Easy Walk No Pull Headcollar6.5/10

Nothing on the market can give you more control over a walk than a headcollar.  The sizing options should fit pretty much any dog you can come across with the exception of a short-nosed breed, which is what accounts for the majority of the lost points on my rating.  Unfortunately, it sucks if you have a Boston Terrier that pulls like it’s his job because you won’t be able to use this harness, case and point.

Thank you so much for taking a look at this review.  We would love to hear some feedback from you about some experiences you have or if you have any disucssion to add.


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    Hello, when clicking your link it it saying page not found. Looked like a good one though! A no-pull harness is definitely something that many dog owners are interested in, especially if it doesn’t pull the walker! I am interested to seeing what you’ve come up with in this post so I will be checking it out again once you have it up and running.

    • Nathan Webster

      Hello.  It should be up and running now.  Try giving it a shot and let me know if it keeps on going to the page not found link.  Thanks!

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    Hi Nathan

    Personally I like your product review about PetSafe 3 in 1 No-Pull Dog Harness. It’s a great thing to train a dog safely and smoothly without any harm to a dog. I have a dog I called him Alex. I buy PetSafe 3 in 1 No-Pull Dog Harness to train him when I go out from home for walk. It really work nicely. I think everyone should take it who have dog. Thanks for the article.

    • Nathan Webster

      It was my pleasure.  Glad everything worked out great for you and your dog.  I love dogs with human names.  It’s the funniest thing ever.  The beauty of naming your dog is you can be creative with it in any way you want.

      Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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